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Writer, Journalist and Author of MIXED UP: Confessions of an Interracial Couple.


T Smith

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In a world rife with racial division, how can we come together if we won't confess what tears us apart?


Tineka never thought that she would be spit on in the street for kissing her own husband. Her crime? Loving someone from another race.

When Tineka and Alex first fell in love, they didn't realise how much the colour of their skin would impact their relationship. But as time went on, and as their lives and cultures became interwoven, they recognised how dramatically different their worlds were. As race became a topic of vehement debate in public spaces, the more it manifested in their personal lives with the potential to drive them apart.


In their debut book, Tineka and Alex write in breathtaking detail and in a unique confessional format on their journey of the racial pitfalls that can tear us apart and their acceptance that the phrase love doesn't see colour is deceiving - because for interracial relationships, love must see colour to survive. 

"A must read book that will change the way we see mixed race couples and make us question our own entrenched beliefs.’ 

Melissa Fleming, award winning author of A Hope More Powerful than the Sea


"An illuminating book that will challenge what you may think you know about relationships, cultural diversity and race."

Professor Olivette Otele, author of African Europeans

"Eye opening, emotional and necessary."

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